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Invitation = Inviti

Nella scheda in alto a destra ("Compiti") troverete GRATUITI gli esercizi interattivi per il capitolo:
"Invitation = Inviti "

Dear Dr. Armstrong

We are having a dinner on Thursday the 18th August at 8 p.m. at the restaurant Kosmos and shall be pleased if you will favour us with your presence.

We shall very much appreciate an early reply from you.

Yours Sincerely

Michael Truman


Dear Sarah

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you in February. I am due to be in England again soon, for the week beginning 20th June, and was wondering if we could spend an evening together. How would you like to go to that new play at the Royal Theatre, followed, of course, by dinner? Let me know which day would suit you best, and I will make the  necessary reservations.

I hope you will be able to make it as I am very much looking forward to seeing you again.

Best wishes

Janez Truman


Dear Dr Perry

I have the pleasure of extending you an invitation on behalf of the Soviet delegation to a Reception to be held in Hotel Ritz at seven o’clock on Friday, the tenth of March, 2000.

An early reply from you would be appreciated.

Yours Truly

Roman S. Teterev


Dear Mr. Popov

I have the pleasure of extending you an invitation on behalf of NewBorn Electronics and myself to visit our country any time in June as a guest of our company. I may assure you that my colleagues and I are looking forward to seeing you here and will do everything to make your stay in England both interesting and pleasant. NewBorn Electronics will cover your travel to London and back by providing free economy class British Airways tickets from the nearest airport this company has flights from. Free accommodation and travelling in Britain during your visit will also be available for you. Enclosed you will find your itinerary.

If there are any suggestions you wish to make, please write us at once and we shall give them our consideration. We trust you will accept our invitation. Unless we receive a reply by 15 May, we shall assume you will not be able to accept this invitation.

With best regards/Yours Sincerely

George Write

Marketing Director



Dear Dr Simon

On behalf of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Organizing Committee of the 10th International congress on brain surgery I have the honour and pleasure of extending to you an invitation to participate in the work of Congress and to give a lecture at the Plenary Session covering your area of research.

An early reply to this letter would be appreciated.

Sincerely Yours

F.N.Pavlov, Professor

Chairman of the Organizing Committee



Dear Dr. Baskin

The Organizing Committee for convening the III International Congress on brain surgery officially invites you to participate in the work of the Congress to be held in Stockholm from 3rd to 9th July.

We would appreciate an early reply to this invitation and hope we shall have the pleasure of seeing you at the Congress. Further arrangements will be expedited if your immediate acceptance of the invitation is written directly to the Organizing Committee.

Please find enclosed a preliminary list of topics, which can cover your field of scientific activities. We kindly request you to inform us the title of your paper/poster.

Sincerely Yours

Karl Endriksson

Chairman of the Organizing Committee




Dear Professor Senta

By this letter I am happy to extend to you and your wife an invitation to attend the IV International Conference on Telecommunications to be held in Prague from 10th to 16th June, 2001. We would be pleased if you would give your consent to give a plenary lecture on any subject covering the scope of the Conference, or to chair one of the sessions. Your participation should indeed be valuable in ensuring the success of the Conference.

If you find the opportunity to accept our invitation, we would appreciate receiving an abstract of your talk by February, 1, 2001. Enclosed please find the guidelines for typing the abstracts and a tentative program of the International Conference. The 2nd Announcement of the IV International Conference on Telecommunications has been sent to you by separate mail.

The Russian Academy of Sciences would be happy to cover your and your wife’s registration, accommodation fees and travelling expenses during your seven-day stay in the country as well as to provide free economy class two-way Aeroflot tickets from the nearest airport Aeroflot has flights from to Prague and back.

I will appreciate your response at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely Yours

E.S.Peskov, Professor

President of the IV International Conference on Telecommunications



Frasi utili

Inviti formali:

  • The chairman and directors have pleasure in inviting you to attend the company Christmas Party to be held at the Victoria Hotel, Knightsbridge, on Saturday, 20th December, at 8 o’clock. = Siete stati cordialmente invitati dal presidente e dai membri di consiglio a partecipare alla festa di Natale aziendale che si terrà presso l'hotel Victoria, Knightsbridge, sabato, 20 dicembre alle ore 20:00.
  • Mr and Mrs Smith request the pleasure of the company of Mr and Ms Jones at their daughter Jane’s wedding reception to take place at … (place) on … (date) at … (time). = Il Sig. re e la Sig.ra Smith invitano cordialmente il Sig. re e la Sig.ra Jones al ricevimento che si terrà in occasione del matrimonio della loro figlia Jane, a …(luogo), il giorno …, alle …(ora).

Inviti privati, informali:

  • We are planning a small dinner party on … at … = Vogliamo organizzare una cena in cerchia ristretta di colleghi,  giorno, … data,…,ora.
  • We hope you will be able to come. =  Speriamo che sarete in grado di venire.
  • We would be very pleased if you could have dinner with us on Friday evening. = Saremmo contenti se venerdì riusciste a venire da noi a cena.
  • We wondered whether you would be interested in going to the opening night of … with us. = Pensavamo saresti interessato a venire con noi alla prima di …(a teatro).
  • I would like to invite you to accompany me on a trip to Russia next month. =  Vorrei invitarti ad accompagnarmi in un viaggio in Russia il mese prossimo.
  • Would you be interested in coming with us to …? =  Saresti interessato/a a venire con noi in …?


Ulteriori indicazioni



  • formal dress = Abito da cerimonia/abito da sera
  • evening dress =  Abito da sera
  • fancy dress (US: costume) =  Costume/maschera
  • casual dress =  Abbigliamento informale/abbigliamento sportivo/ abbigliamento casual
  • informal / casual business attire =  Abbigliamento informale da lavoro
  • RSVP = Si prega di rispondere!/ Si prega di confermare la partecipazione!
  • Please reply before … =  Si prega di rispondere entro …



  • Let me know which day would suit you best. = Fammi sapere quale giorno ti andrebbe bene.
  • We do hope you can come. = Ci auguriamo che potrai venire.We are looking forward to seeing you. = Siamo felici di incontrarti.


Inviti ad eventi aziendali/d'affari:

  • I should like to extend an invitation to you … =  Vorrei invitarla a …
  • … to have lunch with our company staff on Thursday 9th December. = … ad un pranzo con i nostri colleghi d'ufficio, giovedì 9. dicembre.
  • … to visit our premises. =  … a visitare la nostra sede aziendale.
  • You are invited to attend a cocktail party after the conference. = Al termine della conferenza siamo lieti di invitarla al ricevimento con i cocktail.


Frasi utili:

  • You are cordially invited to = Siete cordialmente invitati a …
  • We warmly invite you to business anniversary… = Calorosamente invitati alla celebrazione dell'anniversario dell'azienda.
  • The English Tourism Association is pleased to invite Mr Jones to attend our annual conference… = L'associazione turistica Inglese è lieta di invitare il Sig.re Jones alla conferenza annuale.
  • The purpose of this letter is to formally invite you to the conference… = Questa lettera è un invito ufficiale alla conferenza.
  • The theme of this event (e.g. conference, seminar) is = Il tema dell’ evento (della conferenza, del seminario, …) è …
  • The event will take place in the city hall on 3 March. = L'evento si terrà nel municipio il 3 marzo.
  • To celebrate our success together, we invite you to… = Per festeggiare assieme il nostro successo siete invitati a …
  • Over 1000 people are expected at the conference from the majority of the World’s countries... = Alla conferenza sono previsti più di mille partecipanti da quasi tutti i paesi del mondo.
  • We would be honored by your attendance. = Saremmo onorati della vostra presenza.
  • We would like you to be our closing keynote speaker at the seminar. = La invitiamo a tenere il discorso di chiusura del seminario.
  • For admittance, kindly bring the invitation with you. = All’entrata si prega di presentare l'invito.


Parole di uso frequente:

  • Attendance = Partecipazione
  • Event = Evento
  • Honored = Onorato
  • Occasion = Occasione
  • Theme = Il tema, la tematica
  • To be invited to = Essere invitato/a al
  • To invite = Invitare
  • To celebrate = Celebrare, festeggiare
  • To take place = … si terrà in tale luogo
  • R.S.V.P. = Si prega di rispondere
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