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Cover letter = Lettera di presentazione

Nella scheda in alto a destra ("Compiti") troverete GRATUITI gli esercizi interattivi per il capitolo:
"Cover letter = Lettera di presentazione"

Dear Mr Person

I am very interested in the position of yardman (or delivery driver, maintenance mechanic or any one of the wide range of jobs available in the hire and rental industry), advertised on the Hire & Rental Industry Association website this week.

I have a range of relevant skills and experience that fit the position you described, including:

  • Work experience in your industry (provide details)
  • Organisational skills, computer skills or other skills that directly relate to the position being advertised.  These skills may have been gained from school, from helping out in a family business, from part-time work after school and on the weekends. (Be as specific as possible.)
  • Personal interests that may add to the total package you offer - clubs you belong to, any role you have fulfilled for the club (e.g. fund raising, organising events etc.)
  • Any abilities you have or skills you have acquired that demonstrate willingness to learn and initiative.

I believe these qualities; skills and qualifications make me a solid candidate for the position of (name the position) and appreciate you reviewing my enclosed resume.

I look forward to discussing this matter further with you.

Yours sincerely

Tomaž Vehar


Frasi utili

  • In reply to your advertisement… = In risposta al suo annuncio ...
  • I am writing to apply for the salesman position advertised in the Delo. = Vi scrivo per applicarmi al posto di rappresentante di commercio che è stato pubblicato nel giornale Delo.
  • I am interested in applying for the post of laboratory assistant, advertised in the Delo on 1 March 2010. = Sono interessata per il posto di assistente del laboratorio che è stato pubblicato nel giornale Delo il 1 marzo 2010.
  • I am currently… = Attualmente sono...
  • My reasons for applying are… = Le ragioni per le quali mi applico…
  • I would be happy to attend an interview at any time it suits you. = Sarò felice di venire al colloquio in qualsiasi momento.
  • My educational background guarantees my qualifications for… = La mia formazione garantisce la qualifica per…
  • I have obtained A grades… = Ho ottenuti i voti migliori…
  • I am fluent in spoken and written French. = Parlo e scrivo correttamente il francese.
  • I have excellent communication skills… = Ho ottime capacità di comunicazione…
  • I enclose my CV. = Allego il mio CV.
  • Please see my enclosed CV for additional information on my educational background. = Si prega di vedere il CV allegato per ulteriori informazioni riguardo le mie qualifiche.

Parole utilizzate frequentemente

  • To apply = Applicare
  • To have experience in/of… = Avere esperienze con/di
  • IT skills = information technology skills = Conoscenze delle tecnologie dell'informatica
  • Knowledge = Conoscenze
  • Foreign language = Lingua straniera
  • To be interested in = Essere interessati a
  • Qualifications = Qualifiche
  • Vacancy/post = Posto di lavoro (vacante)
  • Working experience = Esperienze di lavoro
  • Dopolnjevanje stavkov iz življenjepisa Risolvi
  • Collegare (traduzioni) Risolvi
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