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Recommendation = Raccomandazione

Nella scheda in alto a destra ("Compiti") troverete GRATUITI gli esercizi interattivi per il capitolo:
"Recommendation = Raccomandazione"

Dear Sir or Madam

The _______ (name of company) has been one of our customers for the past _____ (time period). During that time, they have promptly made their payments. They discount bills within ____ (time period). Their purchases average __________ (amount) during the height of the season.

The president of the company, ____ (name of president) has a fine reputation in this area. Therefore, we are most pleased to provide a reference for him.


Petra Tominc



Dear Sir or Madam

______ (name of person) is highly recommended as a highly qualified secretary. She worked for me for _____ (time period). During that time, she proved to be efficient, well organized and tactful with all those people she had to deal with.

I do not hesitate for a moment to recommend her.

Sincerely yours

Petra Tominc



Dear Sir or Madam

I find it rather difficult to answer your letter about _____ (name). I like him personally but in fairness I cannot recommend him to you.

Without a doubt ________ (name) is a talented young man. He was (position held) with us for ____ (period of time) and he certainly knows his business and can do a fine job when he wants to.

But that's where his difficulty arrives - he does not always want to. Instead, he starts to drink and then he becomes very undependable. He will literally walk out of the job for a period of ____ (time period) and let somebody else take over. In fact, that is why he is no longer employed with us.

These facts really distress me because ____ (name of person) is very talented and has great ability. In fact, he would probably be one of the best _____ (name of position) if he did not drink.

Perhaps if you discussed the situation with him and told him that he would be fired if he drank, that might make a difference. I think this would be a worthwhile approach because he has so much to offer.

If I can answer any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Petra Tominc


Dear Sir or Madam

With much regret, we cannot give you a satisfactory reference for the ______ (name of company). During the ____ (number of years) that we have been conducting business with this company, our experience has been very unsuitable.

Our normal credit terms are ___ (number of days) net. But their account has been from ____ (number of days) to ____ (number of days) in arrears during much of the time that we have had a business relationship. Their present balance of ________ (amount) includes purchases made as long ago as ________ (time period).

Of course, this information has been shared to you in confidence and we hope that it will prove helpful to you.

Yours sincerely

Petra Tominc


Frasi utili

  • Ms Jones has asked me to write a letter of recommendation for her to accompany her application for… = La signora Jones mi ha chiesto di scrivere una lettera di raccomandazione per la sua domanda
  • It is a pleasure to write a letter for Mr Atlee. = Sono lieto di scrivere una lettera di raccomandazione per il signor Atleja.
  • I am delighted to be called upon as a reference for Ms James. = Sono lieto di scrivere una lettera di raccomandazione per la signora Jones.
  • I was Mr Kent’s supervisor for the past ten years… = Gli ultimo dieci anni sono stato il supervisore del signor Kent …
  • She was in top 10 % of her class. = Faceva parte  dei  migliori 10 % della sua classe.
  • I first became acquainted with Ms Jones... = Ho conosciuto la signora Jones…
  • She grasps new ideas quickly and accepts constructive criticism concerning her work and efficiency. = Percepisce velocemente le nuove idee e accetta critiche costruttive riguardo il suo lavoro e l’efficienza.
  • Some of the main Jessica’s attributes are her honesty,… = Alcune delle sue (positive) caratteristiche sono onestà,...
  • Mr Sammler always behaves professionally and politely… = Il signor Sammler si comporta sempre in modo professionale e cortese …
  • Some of her greatest achievements at our company were... = Alcuni dei suoi migliori successi nella nostra azienda sono stati ...
  • I have every confidence in his ability and I am positive he will meet your highest expectations. = Sono pienamente fiducioso nelle sue capacità e sono convinto che soddisferà le vostre più alte aspettative.


Pogosto rabljene besede

  • Achievement = Risultati/successi
  • Confidence = Fiducia
  • I am happy/pleased to = Sono felice di
  • To meet expectations = Raggiungere le aspettative
  • Pleasure = Soddisfazione
  • To recommend = Raccomandare
  • Reference = Raccomandazioni
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