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    Garanzia 30 giorni soddifatti o rimborsati

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    Spedizione gratuita per gli ordini sopra i 50€

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Thank You Letter = Ringraziamento ai clienti

Nella scheda in alto a destra ("Compiti") troverete GRATUITI gli esercizi interattivi per il capitolo:
"Thank You Letter = Ringraziamento ai clienti"

Dear Ms Johnson

Just a quick 'thank you' for being one of our customers this year.

We appreciate your business and we hope to continue serving you during the coming year.





Dear Ms Johnson

In my work, I rarely come across accounts that are in good standing. Therefore, I am writing you personally to let you know that ____ (name of company) appreciates your promptness in paying your account. You make my job easier and more enjoyable.

If you ever have a problem with shopping at our store, please do not hesitate to call me. I will be most happy to see that everything possible is done to make your association with ____ (company's name) continue to be mutually agreeable.

Thank you again for your consistent punctuality and reliability.

Cordially yours,




Dear Ms Johnson

I would like to thank you for the productive meeting we had last Tuesday and for your kind hospitality. It was most interesting to visit your company and become better acquainted with your business operations.

I look forward to receiving your order for the new products we discussed during our meeting, and am confident that our renewed cooperation will prove a success.

Yours sincerely


Frasi utili

  • I wanted / would like to thank you for your help. = Volevo ringraziarvi/ Desidero ringraziarvi per il vostro aiuto.
  • Please accept our warmest thanks for … = Volevamo ringraziarvi di cuore per …
  • It was most kind of you to do this = È stato molto gentile da parte vostra quello che avete fatto.
  • We would like to express our gratitude/our sincere thanks for … = Vorremmo esprimere la nostra gratitudine/ un sincero ringraziamento per …
  • Many thanks for your help. = Grazie per il vostro aiuto.
  • Thank you for the lovely evening. = Grazie per una splendida serata.
  • Thanks a lot for your letter. = I nostri più sentiti ringraziamenti per la vostra lettera.
  • We were delighted to receive your invitation… = Eravamo entusiasti dell'invito.
  • I am writing to tell you how very much thankful I am for… = Vi scrivo per esprimere tutta la mia gratitudine.
  • I appreciate your concern for... = Apprezzo la tua preoccupazione per …
  • I would like to express my thanks for = Vorrei esprimere tutta la mia gratitudine per …
  • We are most grateful to you... = Siamo immensamente grati per …
  • It was very enjoyable to speak with you about the editor position… = È stato piacevole parlare con voi a proposito del posto di redattore …
  • It seems that the position of technical director, as you presented it, would match my interests and abilities. = Sembrerebbe, per come mi è stato presentato,  che il posto di responsabile tecnico sia adatto ai miei interessi e alle mie abilità.

Parole frequentemente usate:

  • Enjoy = Godere
  • Thankful/grateful = Grato/riconoscente
  • Dopolnjevanje povedi iz zahval Risolvi
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