• Garanzia 30 giorni soddifatti o rimborsati

    Garanzia 30 giorni soddifatti o rimborsati

  • Spedizione gratuita per gli ordini sopra i 50€

    Spedizione gratuita per gli ordini sopra i 50€

  • Le consegne si effettuano ogni giorno

    Le consegne si effettuano ogni giorno

  • Tutto per l'inglese

    Tutto per l'inglese

Uso del pronome possessivo appropriato nel ruolo di aggettivo (ad esempio: my, your, her)

    • This bird has hurt  
    •  (the bird's) leg. 
    • I often forget 
    •  mobile phone at home. 
    • Judy celebrated 
    •  (Judy's) tenth victory last month. 
    • Can I borrow  
    •  pen (from you)? 
    • Do you see the man sitting over there? He is  
    •  teacher. He teaches me Maths. 
    • Eric buys  
    •  clothes via internet. They always fit him perfectly. 
    • Come here. We will show you  
    •  new kitchen.  
    • Dennis gave Sally a camera for 
    •  birthday. 
    • My sister and I visit  
    •  grandparents every week. 
    • I saw  
    •  twin brother in the store yesterday. He looks just like you. 
    • Look at Maggy's skirt. I like  
    •  taste in clothes. 
    • Where is  
    •  umbrella? I can't find it and I can't leave home without it. 
    • Mike is a doctor.  
    •  salary is very high. 
    • I am wondering where to put my money. Where do you keep  
    •  money, in the bank?  
    • The proud parents showed us 
    •  new baby boy. 
    • Jennifer started playing  
    •  guitar and invited everyone to sing. 
    • I don't understand 
    •  question? What exactly would you like to know?  
    • My hobby is painting. If you would like to see some of  
    •  work, I can show it to you. 
    • It is not 
    •  fault if he still drinks. We did our best to help him. 
    • My mum is such a good cook. I can't resist 
    •  dishes. 
    • Jen and I go to the same faculty.  
    •  faculty is situated in the centre of Ljubljana. 
    • The girl walking down that street was at the party last month. I can't remember  
    •  name. 
    •  eyes are red. Did you stay up all night again? 
    • The monkey is eating  
    •  (the monkey's) banana. 
    • Johnny, give me back  
    •  glasses. 
    • Brandon has cut 
    •  hair and looks much more handsome now. 
    • Isabella and Frank really get along with each other.  
    •  relationship seems very strong. 
    • My great grandfather collected badges. This one here was 
    •  favorite one. 
    • John, if you don't stop screaming right now, I will call 
    •  (John's) dad! 
    • This chocolate just melts in 
    •  mouth. It tastes delicious. 
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