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Completare la conversazione con le parole/locuzioni

Complete with: by, consider, discuss, conference, discuss, objective, opinion, mind, to, has showed, understand you, underline, probably, condition, weather, take, that, non-negotiable.

    • Janez Tratnik: Hello and welcome to ABT Electron. Nice to see you again, Mr Harrison. How are you?  
    • Mr Harrison: A lot of work, but fine, thank you. It is nice to see you again. 
    • Janez Tratnik: May I introduce Klara Kovač, our consultant, Jan Zajc, sales director, and Marija Šturm, my assistant? 
    • Mr Harrison: Hello. Pleased  
    •  meet you. And this is my assistant, Janice Thompson. 
    • Janez Tratnik: Nice to meet you, Ms Thompson. 
    • Janez Tratnik: Please,  
    •  a seat. Now, what can I get you? Would you like a cup of coffee, tea? 
    • Mr Harrison: No, thank you. I’ve just had lunch. 
    • Janez Tratnik: How was your trip to Slovenia, Mr Harrison? 
    • Mr Harrison: The flight was fine, but there’s been a bit of a delay because of bad  
    • Jan Zajc: Mr Harrison, is this your first visit to Slovenia? 
    • Mr Harrison: No, I visited it three years ago and stayed here for a few days. It’s such a small country, yet with such diverse landscape. 
    • Janez Tratnik: Perhaps we can go to the  
    •  room and make a start, shall we? 
    • .............................................................................. 
    • Janez Tratnik: As you all  
    •  know, the purpose of our meeting today is to 
    •  the possibility of our two companies working together. We have several points to cover today. I’d like to 
    •  that the most important task today is to look at the potential market for our new engine and to  
    •  the prices of the parts your company is going to provide. Jan, can I ask you to introduce the ABT Electron strategy? 
    • Jan Zajc: Of course. According to the  
    •  of the meeting today, we would like present our 
    •  about our joint development of the new engine. The sales results of the old engine in the last two years have showed considerable decrease from 100,000 to 70,000. 
    • Mr Harrison: Mr Zajc, this is exactly what we had in  
    •  Can I just add that the Eastern market is not just a good solution, but also the only solution possible right now? Market research during these past months  
    •  that there is a great demand for such engines in the Eastern market. We believe we should  
    •  the possibility of launching the engine before the end of this year. 
    • Klara Kovač: If I  
    •  correctly, you’re saying that there is no such interest in the Western market? 
    • Mr Harrison: Yes, that’s right. On  
    •  that you accept our price for the parts, we can launch the engines in the Eastern market in less than five months.  
    • Jan Zajc: Mr Harrison, providing  
    •  your company reduces the prices 
    •  10%, we might order 5,000 pieces for this month. 
    • Mr Harrison: Our prices are  
    • . We won’t accept less.  
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