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Scegliere le risposte corrette alle domande sul testo

Janez Tratnik: Hello and welcome to ABT Electron.  Nice to see you again, Mr Harrison. How are you?

Mr Harrison: A lot of work, but fine, thank you. It is nice to see you again.

Janez Tratnik: May I introduce Klara Kovač, our consultant, Jan Zajc, sales director, and Marija Šturm, my assistant?

Mr Harrison: Hello. Pleased to meet you. And this is my assistant, Janice Thompson.

Janez Tratnik: Nice to meet you, Ms Thompson.

Janez Tratnik: Please, take a seat. Now, what can I get you? Would you like a coffee, tea?

Mr Harrison: No, thank you. I’ve just had lunch. Janez Tratnik: How was your trip to Slovenia, Mr Harrison?

Mr Harrison. The flight was fine, but there’s been a bit of a delay because of bad weather.

Jan Zajc: Mr Harrison, is this your first visit to Slovenia?

Mr Harrison: Yes, I visited Slovenia three years ago and stayed here for some days. It’s such a small country, yet with such diverse landscape.

Janez Tratnik: Perhaps we can go to the conference room and make a start, shall we?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                                          _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Janez Tratnik: As you all probably know, the purpose of our meeting today is to discuss the possibility of our two companies working together. We have several points to cover today. I’d like to stress that the most important task today is to look at the potential market for our new engine and to decide about the prices of the parts your company is going to provide. Jan, can I ask you to introduce the ABT Electron strategy?

Jan Zajc: Of course. According to the purpose of the meeting today, we would like present our view about our joint development of the new engine. The sales results of the old engine in the last two years have showed considerable decrease from 100,000 to 70,000.

Mr Harrison: Mr Zajc, this is exactly what we had in mind. Can I just add that the Eastern market is not just a good solution, but also the only solution possible right now? Market research during these past months has showed that there is a great demand for such engines in the Eastern market. We believe we should examine the possibility of launching the engine before the end of this year.

Klara Kovač: If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that there is no interest in the Western market?

Mr Harrison: Yes, that’s right. On condition that you accept our price for the parts we can launch the engines in the eastern market in less than five months.

Jan Zajc: Mr Harrison, providing that your company reduces the prices by 10 %, we might order 5,000 pieces for this month.

Mr Harrison: Our prices are non-negotiable. We won’t accept less.

  1. Has Mr Harrison been to Slovenia before?
  2. The negotiations start:
  3. The agenda consists:
  4. The main objective of the negotiations is:
  5. Does Mr Harrison agree with what the other team presents?
  6. There is a great demand for the new engines:
  7. ABT Electron demands:
  8. The engines will probably be introduced to the public:
  9. Mr Harrison believes:
  10. Mr Harrison refuses:
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