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Peter Novak: Hello, John and thanks for meeting me again. I really appreciate you taking the time to meet me so soon and this early in the morning.

John Davidson: It’s all right. But it’s going to be a long and busy day so I suggest we get down to business, shall we?

Peter Novak: Okay. Now, if there’s anything you’d like to say first …

John Davidson: No, no, I think you should go first.

Peter Novak: Fine. Well, the latest analysis of the company’s efficiency has showed that ABT Electron improved the figures from last year despite the recession. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud to be a member/participant in such progress and success; however, I’m not satisfied with my salary. The salary has remained the same over the past two years although the business has grown considerably. I’ve been with ABT Electron from the very start, which is for four years and my salary is almost the same as it was in 2006.

John Davidson: I’m afraid I can’t agree with that, Peter. I’m sure your salary is not the same as four years ago.

Peter Novak: John, I said it is almost the same as it was when I started, despite the fact the business has been growing all these years.

John Davidson: Based on the latest analysis of ABT Electron efficiency, the same analysis that you mentioned, the salaries were increased by 1,2% average in this year alone.

Peter Novak: Yes, I’m sure this sounds just great on paper, but the reality is …

John Davidson: It seems to me we have a different opinion here.

Peter Novak: John, please, let me finish and then I’ll be happy to hear your position.

John Davidson: Yes, go on.

Peter Novak: As I said, I’m very proud to be a part of this rising company; however, I feel undervalued. I think I at least deserve an honest salary. I’d hate having to work for any other company; as a matter of fact, I don’t think there’s any company that could compete with ABT Electron right now. However, my salary is the same or even worse than the salaries at these companies I mentioned. Thus I can only say that if you don’t raise my salary by 5%, I’d be forced to consider other options.

John Davidson: Can I ask you to explain how you think it’s possible to give you this enormous raise. Five per cent, this means almost 30.00 € per hour, it's impossible.

Peter Novak: Let me just add that I’m willing to take extra responsibilities and extra work on condition that you give me a raise.

John Davidson: Well, I agree with you in that you should take some extra responsibility, especially in these turbulent times …

Peter Novak: What do you mean by turbulent times? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the company has reached the top this year and thus I cannot understand why I, a loyal employee of the company, wouldn't deserve a raise.

John Davidson: I’m sorry Peter, but we can’t give you a raise. And the time of our meeting is running out.

Peter Novak: Please, spare me ten more minutes.

John Davidson: All right. So what you’re saying is that you’d quit if we don’t give you a raise?

Peter Novak: John, I’ve always been a loyal employee, which is why I believe it to be only fair to settle this issue right now.

John Davidson: Fine, but 30.00 € really isn’t an option.

Peter Novak: Listen, I might be willing to accept 27.00 € provided that you change my title.

John Davidson: I’m sorry, Peter, but we can’t change you’re title anymore, you’re not qualified.

Peter Novak: Then I’ll accept 28.00 € and never mind the title. And supposing that our team closes the M&Z deal in six months, we can talk again.

John Davidson: All right. I guess we can say this is a fair agreement.

Peter Novak: Excellent. So we’ve both agreed on raising the salary at the rate of 28.00 € per hour.

John Davidson: Including extra responsibilities …

Peter Novak: Certainly. Now, can we shake on it?

John Davidson: Yes. Now I have to hurry, I’m late for a very important meeting. And send me the McCollin’s design draft ASAP. Goodbye.

Peter Novak: Thank you and goodbye.

  1. Mr Davis is Peter’s employer.
  2. Peter Novak has very little spare time to negotiate.
  3. The main objective for the meeting is a pay raise.
  4. The employer starts to negotiate.
  5. The employee demands 30€ per hour.
  6. ABT Electron is having a good business year.
  7. The employee agrees with Peter Novak.
  8. The employee has been working for the company for only the past two years.
  9. The employee gives a condition to quit his job right away if the employer doesn’t give him a raise.
  10. Peter Novak agrees with John that these are turbulent times for the company.
  11. The negotiators have a lot of time to spare.
  12. The employer accepts to give a 30.00 € per hour raise.
  13. Peter continues to demand a change of his title.
  14. The employer believe that Peter doesn’t have the qualifications for a change of title.
  15. 27.00 € per hour is the employee’s final offer.
  16. The employer reminds Peter not to forget about his extra responsibilities.
  17. The employer agrees to meet again in six months if Peter’s team closes the M&Z deal.
  18. Davidson is late for a very important phone call.
  19. The employer has to confirm that he will keep his word.
  20. Peter has to send a contract to his employer.
  21. The negotiators reach an agreement after all.
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