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Scegliere la risposta appropriata alle domande riferite al testo

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Maribor. I’m Jana Novak, Marketing manager at SloFoods. These are my colleagues Peter Seljak, my assistant and in charge of marketing for A and B sectors, Sandra Pivk, marketing consultant, and Uroš Mravlje, from marketing. We’ve invited you today to report on the analysis of the efficiency of the Marketing department. In the following hours, we’ll compare the results from the last analysis from 2008 and discuss future possibilities of expanding the department. The presentation is divided into three parts. First we’ll be looking at a power point presentation on the analysis and we’ll give a few interesting details about the newest SloFoods marketing campaign. Then we’ll discuss the previous analysis and the changes that occurred between 2008 and 2010 in more detail. We’ll continue by elaborating on the future possibilities and development of the marketing department. To conclude, we’ll recap the key points of the presentation and give you some detailed material. We’d like to invite you to ask any questions you may have at the end of the presentation. The presentation will take approximately two hours. Ms. Dončič will give you the handouts. . . Do you all have copies? Right. We’ll begin with. . .

  1. How many people present the SloFoods presentation?
  2. How many people ask questions?
  3. What is the purpose of the presentation?
  4. Is the SloFood presentation divided into four parts?
  5. Why doesn’t the presenter answer Maja’s question right away?
  6. Does the presenter mention how much time the presentation will take?
  7. Was Happytime Yoghurt a successful brand?
  8. Does the presenter use diagrams?
  9. Does the presenter give more details about the promotion of Happytime Yoghurt?
  10. Are there many latecomers at the presentation?
  11. Do we find out about any suggestions for better performance at the end of the presentation?
  12. Do the participants have time to ask questions?
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