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Complete with: catch, opinion, ideas, agenda, move, afraid, add, agree, hate, right.

    • Chairperson: Thank you Dominik. I think we can start with today’s  
    • . We have three items to discuss today. Because of the delay, I’d like us to skip item one for the time being, so we can  
    •  to item two: Export in the Eastern market. Martin Okorn will present us the present situation and figures. Martin, please. 
    •  …………. Martin’s presentation ....................... 
    •  Chairperson: Thank you very much, Martin. Now, I’d like to hear some  
    •  from you all. What do you think about the present situation and decisions for the future? Can we start with you, Maja? 
    •  Maja Novak: Well, in my  
    • , we have made some important improvements in the last quarter of the year. Especially in finding new export markets in the Eastern areas. However, no changes were done to improve the old Eastern connections, which has resulted in almost losing an importan 
    •  Tilen Brenčič: Maja, I’m  
    •  I can’t agree with you. I think it is crucial that we first try to find new customers in the Eastern areas and … 
    •  Maja Novak: But this will only … 
    •  Chairperson: I’m sorry Maja, but would you please let Tilen finish. We’ll get back to you in a minute. 
    •  Maja Novak: Yes, I’m sorry. 
    •  Tilen Brenčič: So I believe we should find new customers in the eastern areas because the figures for the last quarter are good, even better than the previous quarter. 
    •  Chairperson: Thank you, Tilen. Maja, would you like to  
    •  anthing now?  
    •  Maja Novak: Yes, I do not  
    •  with Tilen on the point that the last quarter figures have sufficiently improved. Yes, they are better, but five years ago, when we started exporting to the East, our goals were much higher.  
    •  Milan Jereb: Maja, you’re completely  
    • . Five years ago we hired the best consultants and experts who conducted a very good analysis of the Eastern market and I think we should use and study this analysis once again.  
    •  Tilen Brenčič: I’m sorry. Milan. I didn’t quite  
    •  what you’ve just said.  
    •  Milan Jereb: My opinion is that we must stop spending money on research of new Eastern market areas, since we already have a good and expensive, also, analysis which we haven’t fully used yet.  
    •  Tilen Brečič: Milan, I  
    •  to disagree, but I think you’re wrong. … further discussing… 
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