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Chairperson: Hello everybody. I’m very happy to see you all. Please let me apologize for a short delay, I was at a management meeting. First let me join in welcoming Ms Sabrina Klaus from our Frankfurt branch.

Ms Klaus: Thank you very much for having me. I look forward to today’s meeting.

Chairperson: Perhaps you could tell us a bit about yourself, Ms Klaus?

Ms Klaus: Of course. I’m coming from B&T’s Frankfurt branch where I have been working for six years. I am the new finance director and this is the first time I’m meeting with you. I’m looking forward to our future cooperation. I would also like to introduce my assistant, Jan Fritz.

Chairperson: Welcome, Mr Fritz. Now, I would like to apologize for Jasna Tončič and Marko Jereb. They can’t be with us today because they are developing the Magnum project with the B&T marketing team. I suggest we get started. We’re here today to discuss new ways and solutions in our Eastern export. First I would like Dominik to present us the report and decisions from our last meeting which was held on December 12, 2009. Dominik…

…………………..Dominik’s presentation……

Chairperson: Thank you Dominik. I think we can start with today’s agenda. We have three items to discuss today. Because of the delay, I’d like us to skip item one for the time being, so we can move to item two: Export in the eastern market. Martin Okorn will present us the present situation and figures. Martin, please.

…………. Martin’s presentation………………….

Chairperson: Thank you very much, Martin. Now, I’d like to hear some views from you all. What do you think about the present situation and decisions for the future? Can we start with you, Maja?

Maja Novak: Well, in my opinion, we have made some important improvements in the last quarter of the year. Especially in finding new export markets in the Eastern areas. However, no changes were done to improve the old Eastern connections, which has resulted in almost losing an important customer. The way I see things, we need to focus first on our already existent customers.

Tilen Brenčič: Maja, I’m afraid I can’t agree with you. I think it is crucial that we first try to find new customers in the Eastern areas and …

Maja Novak: But this will only …

Chairperson: I’m sorry Maja, but would you please let Tilen finish. We’ll get back to you in a minute.

Maja Novak: Yes, I’m sorry.

Tilen Brenčič: So I believe we should find new customers in the Eastern areas because the figures for the last quarter are good, even better than the previous quarter.

Chairperson: Thank you, Tilen. Maja, would you like to add anything now?

Maja Novak: Yes, I do not agree with Tilen in that the last quarter figures have sufficiently improved. Yes, they are better but five years ago when we started exporting to the East our goals were much higher.

Milan Jereb: Maja, you’re completely right. Five years ago we hired the best consultants and experts who conducted a very good analysis of the Eastern market and I think we should use and study this analysis once again.

Tilen Brenčič: I’m sorry. Milan. I didn’t quite hear what you’ve just said.

Milan Jereb: My opinion is that we must stop spending money for research of new Eastern market areas, since we already have a good and expensive, also, analysis which we haven’t fully used, yet.

Tilen Brečič: Milan, I hate to disagree, but I think you’re wrong.

further discussing…

Chairperson: All right. We’ve already covered points two and three. We’ve made a decision regarding the future Eastern export and sales improvement.  We’re slowly running out of time thus let us leave item one for next time. Before we close, I’d like to briefly summarize the main points of today’s meeting.

… ….

Chairperson: Let us fix the date of our next meeting. Since we have item one waiting and some other issues to discuss, I suggest we meet earlier than usual. How does Thursday in two weeks sound to you, same time, 11 o’clock? Is it all right? Ok, it is settled, then. Thank you very much for coming today. The meeting is closed.

  1. The chairperson apologizes at the very beginning of the meeting because
  2. The chairperson introduces
  3. Maja is taking minutes.
  4. The participants will meet again
  5. Tilen doesn’t agree with
  6. Ms Klaus is
  7. Milan Jereb
  8. The chairperson tells Maja
  9. Jan Fritz is:
  10. The purpose of the meeting is
  11. The chairperson asks Dominik
  12. Maja Novak thinks
  13. The present situation and figures are presented by
  14. Tilen Brenčič believes
  15. The study of the Eastern market from five years ago is:
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