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Completare le frasi con parole/locuzioni opportune

Complete with: calling, calling, available, correct, reach, give, number, take, mobile phone, could I speak to, spell, busy, hold, leave a message, call me, a message, message, speaking, put, back, speak.

  • DIALOG 1
    • A: Hello, this is Peter Novak 
    • . Could I  
    •  to Mr Smith, please? 
    • B: I’m afraid he is not  
    •  at the moment. Can I  
    • A: Yes, please tell him to  
    •  me a call tomorrow morning. 
    • B: Certainly, sir. 
    • A: Thank you. 
  • DIALOG 2
    • A: Good morning. This is K&M. Molly  
    • . How can I help you? 
    • B: Good morning. My name is Katja Kavčič, from Slovenske nepremičnine.  
    •  Mr Gary Roberts, please. 
    • A: I’m sorry, but could you  
    •  your name, please?  
    • B: It’s K-A-V-Č-I-Č. 
    • A: Thank you Ms Kavčič. Just a moment, I’ll  
    •  you through. 
    • B: Thank you. 
    • A: I’m very sorry Ms Kavčič, Mr Roberts is at a business lunch at the moment. He won’t be  
    •  until 4 o’clock. Would you like to speak to Ms Parker instead? 
    • B: Yes, that would be fine. 
    • A: Just a minute………… I’m afraid Ms Parker’s line is  
    • . Would you like to  
    • B: That’s OK.  
    • A: Ms Kavčič, thank you for holding. I’m afraid Ms Parker had to leave for a meeting in a hurry. Would you like to  
    • B: Yes, please tell her or Mr Roberts to  
    •  as soon as possible because there seems to be a problem with the contract they sent us last week. 
    • A: Could you give me your phone number, please? 
    • B: It’s 00386-5-68-487. This is my office  
    • . If I am not available they can  
    •  me on my 
    • , the number is 00386-40-441-655. 
    • A: Could I check that, please? 
    • B: Of course. 
    • A: Did you say 00386-5-68-487 and 00386-40-441-654? 
    • B: The first number is  
    •  but you've made a mistake with the second one. I'll repeat: 00386-40-441-655. 
    • A: Thank you. I’ll give them your  
    •  when they come back. 
    • B: Thank you.  
    • A: Thank you for 
    • B: Goodbye. 
    • A: Goodbye. 
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